Similar Minds

A great resource for understanding ethical shopping and actually ethical living and consuming generally, more information than you can poke an FSC certified stick at. Take a read.


If you want to learn more about brands or websites on the same wavelength, here are some great websites I have come across.


Or click here to access this website: You can also download a great app for this site.

7209830f-03a5-4e2c-ad5c-5e3a6602ca46 gives great information and insight into the clothing manufacture working conditions in Australia.


Ethical Clothing Australia (ECA) is a certification for Australian made products, that ensures workers were treated fairly in the creation of their products. It has a lot of brands listed that are ECA certified, some of them are also listed on this site.


Check this website out, Wear Naked sells ethically made clothing from various brands such as Bibico and Komodo.


This company throws Fairtrade/Ethical parties, bringing shopping fairly to your own home. Great idea.

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